Patterned Community Mural

With Peabody Residents, the Tower Hamlets, and Hackney Community

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Dementia Support Worker 

“I would like to say that Rose has done an amazing job with this Mural and it really proves how hardworking she is as she managed to complete it within a matter of weeks, it looks astonishing and we all love it and I believe that it will leave a great legacy on the area as it really makes our centre stand out and I have witnessed passer-by’s gazing at the mural and taking pictures of it. Once again proving how amazing it is so thank you Rose for all your hard work”.

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Justine Simons OBE,

Deputy Mayor for Culture and Creative Industries

" I’m delighted we were able to help make this project happen with support from City Hall. This beautiful new mural is a fantastic example of community-led art and celebrates the community spirit in Tower Hamlets. Local people from all backgrounds have come together to create this piece and it is yet another example of how culture unites us and makes our public spaces so special.”

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Project Participant

"Rose is an incredible artist and I gained more than I could have imagined by attending these workshops. It felt incredible to be included in designing the mural along with other participants as it gave me a huge sense of belonging,  a place of safety, and something positive that I could mindfully engage in each week. I’m incredibly grateful to have participated in this workshop as it had so many positive impacts on my mental health symptoms and also gave me an opportunity to feel like I was contributing to the community. A huge thank you to Rose for running this project!! “

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London Live Feature

See Grand Opening on London Live here: Rose Hill Designs on London Live

Printed Press

Local Newspapers

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Project Participant & Resident

"Being with everyone and doing something I haven’t done before... It makes me happy and I feel good. 

The workshops stop me thinking of negative stuff"

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Project Participant

"It was a very good experience and an eye opener doing the class with Rose Hill. I'm very pleased to be part of the wall design we collaborated together that we will be painting outside in a garden. I can't wait to see it. I'm very privileged to be part of her work!! Thank you Rose"

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Project Participant

"I am so grateful to be part of this course!
Our Instructor Rose is so friendly, she makes all of us feel welcome and heard since day one.
Working on our creative abilities is very therapeutic, and a good exercise for a healthy mind.
Creating together with the group brings a wonderful atmosphere of collaboration and a great sense of community.
Many, many thanks for this opportunity!"

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