Dream plan do! The big picture.

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!!


It's the perfect time to be setting goals and planning for the year ahead! To be honest I am always doing this and not just at the new year.


I brought an AMAZING planner called Dream Plan Do by the WONDERFUL  Design Trust!! If you haven't already heard of them before I would REALLY recommend you check out their website: www.thedesigntrust.co.uk


They are an AMAZING resource, with SO MANY incredible blog posts, free resources and advice!! Patricia van den Akker is the best!! She wants to help entrepreneurial creatives to create businesses they can be truly proud of. And she really does do that!!!



I am going to be super open and vulnerable by working though this astounding planner here and starting off at the beginning with the big picture...


Why did you start your creative business?


1.       I wanted creative freedom.

2.      To make my own life and career: live life to the fullest!

3.      To create something special.

4.      Work to my own schedule.

5.      It was inevitable.


How do you feel about your business right now?


I feel like I need to be more successful and to be able to put more time into Rose Hill Designs.


How would you like to feel about your business instead?


1.       To feel successful.

2.      To be clear about my objectives.

3.       Feel excited about where 2018 will take Rose Hill Designs.


What do you need to change to make you feel that?


1.       Clear goals to focus on and a plan to achieve them.

2.       I need some child care to allow me time to work on Rose Hill Designs.

3.       Structure time to be with my family and have quality time with them; also                         have time to work and grow Rose Hill Designs.


What do you need to stop to make you feel like that?


1.       Being too hard on myself.


What do you want more of in 2018?


1.       Creativity.

2.       Increased profit and turnover.

3.       Structure.

4.       Help/ a staff member.


What do you want less of in 2018?


1.       Admin.

2.       Doing the sales emails.


What does ‘success’ mean to you? What is your definition?


1.       Feeling proud of my accomplishments.

2.       Being able to live comfortably and go on nice holidays.

3.       To be able to pick and choose projects, creating them and working with cool                   brands and people.


How do you measure success?


1.       Achieving the goals that I have set out for 2018.

2.       Having that sense of pride.

3.       Feeling creativity satisfied.

4.       Reaching the profit goal set for 2018.

5.       Having a sense of structure so I know when I can work and when I can spend                 time with my family and friends.

6.       Being able to take time out and go on a really inspiring trip aboard or two.

7.       Being able to respond to the unexpected.


Think about successful creatives. What exactly is it that makes them successful in your eyes?


1.       Getting to work around the world.

2.       With amazing brands and people.

3.       Working large scale.

4.       Stocked in amazing places.

5.       A large following on Instagram.

6.       They are celebrated for their style.


Oooh the brilliant thing about defining success and answering the last question I feel like I'm not as far off success as I thought and realised I am more successful than I believe I am sometimes.



I will be working on the next section looking to the future on Monday ready for Tuesday the 9th's commute to work making this a weekly blog for a while maybe for the whole year let's see how I get on :0) have a wonderful week!! x x x

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