Rose Hill Designs thoughts on success

December 5, 2017

I have had an amazing response from my blog so far, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has read it and especially to those who have commented!!


I was very humbled and so chuffed to receive an email from Tamar Klaus from Bella Jacob saying...


"I think that being the ICON you are (and you are..) people look up to you as one of the best in the industry so I think they'd almost definitely want to hear about your personal obstacles and experiences."


This truly meant so much and I have decided to act on it!! 


1.      Tell me about yourself and your business? 


 I’m a mum to a beautiful baby girl, a wife and best friend to Eddie for 18 years, I am VERY friendly I love: yoga, eating and drinking yummy stuff and most of all talking with amazing people both friends and business owners.


Rose Hill Designs - why? From my first post with the fab Simon Sineak...


*  I seriously LOVE colour, pattern and illustration.

*  I want people to feel happy, joy and treasured from receiving my work - if they buy or if it's a gift.

*  A truly beautiful memory of their pet or loved one. 

* For people who LOVE their pets more than anything!!


2.      and your elevator pitch.


Rose Hill is a graphic artist, who absolutely LOVE'S colour, pattern and illustration! We create a Pop Art style that is applied to many different products including design-led greeting cards, notebooks, artworks and personal commissions. All are lovingly designed in London and made in England


 Photo taken by Vicki Couchman


2.      What do you believe is your secret for your success?

It’s funny as I don’t feel successful, I always feel like there is so much more I should do!! I have had successful moments but keeping them up is a like running up the escalators the wrong way – your running as fast as you can just to look like you are standing still!!


The qualities that I think are so important to success are being resilient and having balls (metaphorical that is) of steel. You have to be in it to win it and the worst people can do it say no and that really isn't the end of the world - is it? Making opportunities and enjoying the journey as once you reach a destination there is always another one. Persistent is key and so is positivity, if you keep going you will get there in the end and building up tolerant to the crap you receive. Most of all I SERIOSULY LOVE what I am doing I’m so passionate about Rose Hill Designs and creating art and networking that for the first year of Summer’s life I worked till 3am pretty much most nights and slept about 3-4 hours a day before she was born I was working a lot of 18 hours days.


3.      What has been your best piece of advice? 


Start, learn fast and adapt.


Start… I think too many people are perfectionist and have a lot of fear and never actually start something… they are like if I had the money or this thing needs to be like this or like this, I just need to finish this… Just start!! There is a wonderful quote from Ray Bradbury…


“If we listened to our intellect, we’d never have a love affair. We’d never have a friendship. We’d never go in business because we’d be cynical: ‘It’s gonna go wrong.’ Or ‘She’s going to hurt me.’ Or ‘I had a couple of bad love affairs so therefore …’


“Well, that’s nonsense. You’re going to miss life. You’ve got to jump off the cliff all the time and build your wings on the way down.”


Learning… is key to success: research, ask questions as many as you can think of. Keep asking and learning (personally that’s the fun bit I think!)


Adapt… The world is always changing; evolving and we need to evolve with it!! As Emily Quinton said in the last post


“Things are always changing and I think the more adaptable you are the better. I am always looking at what I am doing now, what other people are doing now and then looking ahead to what is next.”

Photo's taken by Rose Hill


4.       What are your top five actionable business tips?

1. Knowing your objectives!! What do you what from that e-mail? What do you want to gain from that conversation? When you have clear objectives you can get what you want from each action you take. Keeping you as efficient as possible.


2. Success leaves clues, if there is someone you think is doing an amazing job take a look, a proper look research them see what they are doing and try and work out why it’s working for them. When I say this I mean in NO WAY copying what they are doing you must make your own path/ designs/ creativity but you can see the methods they are using and apply to your own business.


3. Working out how much you need for your business and how much you need for your personal/ family life. This will help you know how much money you have to earn to be able to have the life/ business you want which in turn will let you have the insight whether you have to take a job on and what you need to get your bread and butter money so then you can work on your passion projects.


4. Working out your motivations. This is amazing at helping you keep going to what you believe success to be. For example my number one motivation is artist freedom, this means I will take on jobs more because I want to do them and would love to create that piece of art or work with that wonderful person over getting paid a million pounds this is so important!! It is very easy to get swept up on what over people think success is. A lot of people think turnover is success but I know for a fact that personally I would much prefer to turnover £50,000 with a £30,000 profit than turnover £10,000000 and make a £30,000 profit with all the stresses of having a high turnover business. There are a lot of companies that seem to be successful but aren’t as much as they appear.


5. Follows on from point 4. Priorities working out what is most important to you and going down the list, this will help you know what things you need to do first and really keep you on your path to success!! 


 Photos taken: Tupac Cathy Malins, Rocky Sara Edwards, Nessie Steve Williams, Hattie Jayne and Biggie Cathy Malins


What do you think? I would love to know please comment below. I will be answering more of these types of questions in the following posts.


Lots of love, Rose x x x


The next post would have been Tuesday 19th Dec but I will be having a wonderful Christmas break away with Eddie so it will be Tuesday 2nd.

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Rose Hill Designs thoughts on success

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