Sh*t Sandwich

November 7, 2017

If you haven't heard of Marie Forleo or Elizabeth Gilbert you are in for a real treat, Marie has that polished American vibe. However Liz doesn't she has a realness and an honestly that is just compelling. She cuts through the BS that herself that I can really relate to, and connect with! I would love to have that grace and lightness that she has, the relationship with her own creativity is just amazing!!



The above is a longer video, but if you have the time it is a really interesting listen. I found it hard to stick to 10 quotes but I wanted to keep the posts clear and concise, so here's the top 12 quotes I took from this video:


1. Fear is the reason I'm still alive today. You're still alive... it tells you... this car is going to fast... fear is protecting us and that's it's job. It does it beautifully because it's just it's all jacked up on Redball. It's really trigger happy and doesn't know the difference between a genuinely dangerous situation and a nervy situation.


2. Creativity will always provoke your fear.


3. Fear as a companion... Fear is going to be in the car but it's going be in the back seat. It's not going to drive, or chose the snacks... Fear doesn't get to make any decisions in creative ventures! You can't let fear have control over your creative choices.


4. [You're creative endeavour] It has not yet been done by you.... we are all still borrowing from each other.... All we do as humans is response to what comes before us... You are allowed to add to the pile.


5. Examine your motivations.


6. Finding your true purpose, is really about deciding which flavour of sh*t sandwich you're really in for. Every pursuit no matter how glamourous it may seem, no matter how exciting it feels to you, no matter how much your feel like you were born to do it comes with a sh*t sandwich. The questions isn't what do I love, the question is what do I love so much that I don't mind eating the sh*t sandwich that comes along with that thing.


7. I don't like the affect of: if you try really hard and put everything into it you are going to get everything you want because we are all grown ups here... You may or may not get everything. You might put everything you have into something and it might not work


8. The contract with my writing when I was 15 years old ... I will never ask you to support me financially, I will support the both of us. I am a resourceful person.... I watched so many people murder their creativity by insisting they are not truly creative unless their creativity pays their bills.


9. The power of finishing. I don't want it to be perfect I just want it to be finished. Perfectionism is the murder of all good things.... fear in high heel shoes.


10.  Forgive yourself for disappointing yourself.


11. When did inspiration promise you anything? Other than the amazing experience of working with it, dancing with it for a while? That's all it ever promises you, I will let you near me and we're going to do this thing... Every morning you will wake up bruised and ashamed and inspiration will be like hey! do you wanna do it again? As you go on more and more you may find ways to put air bags in the car, there are protective measures you can take so that when you fail you don't lose everything. You have room and cushioning so you can fail, that is when inspiration asks again, you can just dust yourself off.


12. Creativity is building you, it's not the other way around.


Quotes are as exact as possible when writing at 12am at night and mostly from Elizabeth Gilbert but might have Marie Forleo too.


What did you think of the video and what were your favourite quotes? Do you like the same 12 quotes or do you have different quotes? I would love to know in the comments below!!


I took so much from this video even more hearing it several times and noting down exactly (almost exactly) what was said. The 12 points were the main ones. I've put my favourites in bold, I wanted to response to point 5. with my feelings I hope it helps you!!


Point 5. Examine your motivations.  

This is sooo important, to know your motivations for your business. Your life, it gives you focus and clarity! If you know where you are going you can conquer any obstacle. I love this metaphor:


If I tell you to go to the right hand corner of the room and I put a chair in front of you, you would go around the chair and continue on your path to that particular corner; but if I said go to any corner of the room and I put the chair in front of you, you would change direction and go to a different corner from where you originally were going. This is because I wasn't specific. This causes lack of clarity. In this case the chair is the obstacle and it completely changed what you did!!


Priorities are key. My mentor said last week that the most common issue he found with his mentees was this exact thing, priorities. If we can get them in check and keep re-evaluating them then I think our businesses will be much healthier!!


What do you think? I would love to know please comment below.


Lots of love, Rose x x x


Hope to see you on Tuesday 21st Nov










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