6 easy steps

1. You pick the size and frame type. 

Choose from four frame styles:  


Ornate Gold (most popular),

Brushed Silver,

Flat Black

Flat White.

Three sizes: Large, Medium (most popular), Small.

2. You e-mail me 5-10+ (the more the better!) high-resolution photos of you or loved one front view so we can see your beautiful face in full glory. And/ or other items you would like to see in your artwork if doing a large family portrait.  See the examples below.  Turning you or your loved one into a playful artwork. To capture you perfectly and make sure you’re 100% happy whilst taking you on the creative journey from start to finish!

Cropped Sadie.jpg
Rose Hill Designs Portraits Sadie Frost
Rose Hill Designs Portraits prices silve

3. You tell me your:   Name   l   E-mail   l   Telephone number   l   Delivery address

For your invoice. You then pay a 50% deposit via bank transfer or Paypal (with the added 6% PayPal fee).

It will be sent to you tracked or N.London pick up and will let you know the delivery charge once you have given your address.

4. We agree on a timescale. I'll illustrate you or loved one in my Pop Art style and e-mail you a J-peg for approval. And adjust until you're 100% happy and can treasure forever!!


5. You confirm the artwork and frame. Paying the remainder 50% via bank transfer or Paypal (with PayPal fee). Once SIGNED OFF the artwork will be printed and the frame made (7-14 working days). Once started if you change your mind on the artwork or frame there will be additional fees. 

6. You will receive a completely unique and bespoke artwork hand-signed Artwork.

 All CopyRights belong to Rose Hill Designs