The art I create is fun. It’s approachable. My work reflects what you like best about the world around you! In particular your pets! It’s all about you and what you want. To create something that is so personal, unique and special to you!! 


Each piece either has the 'Classic Style' of 64 geometric patterns or a 'BRAND NEW geometric' style layered into every artwork. Hand drawing every pet using a Surface Pro laptop. It allows me to draw straight onto the computer screen as if it was a pen and paper. Using a variety of drawing techniques including line drawings and assemble together every element of their face and body. Inserting the different colours and tones of patterns within every characteristic. Changing the opacity of each feature to give depth and tone. All have a minimum of 10 layers and most have considerably more. Puzzling together well over 100 features including each strand of fur. Mixing the modern technology, filters and historic drawing skills to create a unique piece of work that looks much simpler than the work gone into the drawing. It’s printed on to beautiful brushed paper making it look like fabric.

Rose Hill Designs OPTION A OR B BRAND NE

"I love this piece by Rose Hill Designs. In fact, I love all her work. It has real depth. It’s fun and is a legacy to the beauty and mischievousness of us pets. Thank you, Rose, for being so wonderful and talented. And thank you for wishing to make us ‘Pets Famous’ and for highlighting the beauty of the human-animal bond.” Sophie Bradley and Amber the Cavalier

Deciding the visual image is totally up to you! Love to hear all about your pet and from how you describe them, pick accessories to capture them perfectly. And make sure you're 100% happy! Of course, you're more than welcome to pick the accessory or background colour! It’s all about you and what you want. To create something that's so personal and special to you!! A piece of art you'll treasure forever!


It’s all about you and what you LOVE!! To bring you joy! A smile to your face and cheer you up! To remind you of your favourite moments! Every artwork is individual and new in that it brings out a cheeky element and a sense of humour, each with their own story. For example, Tupac exotic shorthair cat a Rapper living in the Westside (of London) with his best mate Biggie. He rose to fame with the song called "Cat Em up". Or Bungle Chow Chow an aristocrat he is married to Duchess Dalmatian living in a grand house often seen having tea in the Dorchester it was love at first bite!! They honeymooned at the Great Barrier Reef.


Capturing what’s important to you whether that be your beautiful dog or, gorgeous fluffy kitty turning their personality into a playful piece of art - Pet Portraits, Murals, and Personal Commissions. To capture them perfectly and make sure you’re 100% happy and taking you on the creative journey from start to finish! Elevate them to a stunning piece of art to hang proudly on your wall, to treasure forever!