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FREE STEP BY STEP for a rainbow mural! Keep thinking about adding value to you and thought you being on lockdown you might be doing some DIY. Or would you like to have a very cool feature wall in your house? Brighten up your home!


• Firstly design the artwork beforehand either using a good old fashion pen and paper or design it in Adobe Illustrator. This helps you see it clearly before painting. Also you can get your colour combos perfect before a touch of paint is applied. To be honest with this one I designed it straight on the wall but usually ALWAYS do a mock-up for the client to see and approve before going ahead, for the reasons above.


• Colour is very personal: using fresh yellows will brighten up your home and make you smile. Blue hues are considered beneficial to the mind and body. It has a calming effect by slowing down your metabolism. If you want to symbolizes growth, harmony, and freshness use Green; the colour of nature.


• Geometric’s are so in right now and timeless! Lucky for us they are easier to paint than a complex drawing of a person, animal, or floral.

• A smooth wallpaper free wall is perfect to use, use a white or light colour emulsion as your base.



• For curves the best brush to use is a flat thin brush to get a lovely curved line. You will need to use a fair amount of paint so you can do more in one stroke but not too much paint so that it’s very uneven. It would be a great idea to practice this on a piece of paper stuck to the wall first. As it’s different from painting on a horizontal plane like a table. I brought a great set of 2 from Great Art in their basic range so it doesn't have to be expensive.


• But must be a good quality brush. Acrylic bristles and inch and half is a great size. This way you won’t have any of the bristles coming out and sticking in the paint on the wall.


• Use high pigment emulsion paints like Dulux this way you will only need to do one or two coats.


• A pencil


• Tape measure • Stick to stir the paint


• Water 

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1. Start by drawing a faint line in pencil as softly as possible so the pencil line doesn't show through the paint. The harder the pencil line is the more coats of paint you will need to cover it.


2. Paint your first colour in this case red. Take your time with this one because all the other colours will follow along this line. You have a little room to be able to correct your mistakes by going over with the next colour. But if you can advise you to paint this as close to correct as you can.


3. In this case, I used older paints (what I had around the house because of lockdown). So the paint was a bit thicker than when you buy it fresh. If it's thicker mix some water to the paint and stir thoroughly so it has a consistent texture. I also mixed paints together to get a colour I hadn't used before and people can't buy it. When doing this make sure you mix more than enough because it's difficult to mix the exact same colour again. It will always be slightly different! Avoid being frustrated by mixing exactly the amount or more than what you will need. TOP TIP stir even more than you think so it is properly mixed through. You don't want to discover a stronger part of one of the colour (some hidden pigment) as you use it unless you are intending an ombre look. At points, because it was older paint it had thick

4.Wait for it to dry properly. We are lucky paints dry much faster these days. If you're doing a second coat it's okay to apply the second coat when it's touch dry.


5. Once the first colour is dry you can start on the next colour. In this case because it was older paint and was thicker only needed one coat. Apply another coat of paint if necessary you want to have a good solid colour. It's better to spend the time now than to look at it every day and wish had done it properly.


6. Using the line of the first colour paint your second colour. To make the design interesting I made this line thinner. You can, of course, make all your colours the same thickness. Whatever thickness you choose you want it to be even all the way down from the start of the rainbow to the end of the rainbow. There are a few different ways you can do this! Using your eye or you can also measure out with a tape measure. Or later I use the width of the brush to measure out the thickness. Making marks a few feet apart, this means you can make a nice curve in one stroke between the marks. These curves on the rainbow were all made by eye.

7. The middle was an idea of abstract rain looking like waves. Making a different design rather than your standard rainbow. The wave design were helped using a tape measure for the first wave in the middle of the design. As with the red paint in the rainbow part of the design the rest will follow on from the middle and first wave. Using the tape measure so the waves in the design were approximately the same distance, in this case 10 inches. Because it was abstract rain didn't want them to be exactly alike but more organic to give a free feeling. 8. Using good quality paint and letting the last colour dry fully means you can paint over and change part of the design if you wish. As shown at the beginning of the video after deciding that I wanted the wave shape to be slightly different. This means you can go with the flow and design on the spot.


9. Go over any areas that need a second coat before painting the next layer. After painting the blue and purple I went over the indigo to make sure the lines were clean and none of the base colour is showing through. If you have any questions of how to paint your own rainbow mural please comment below and will help anyway I can!!


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"Rose was a pleasure to work with. Not only is she a highly talented artist, she is also an excellent business person. She lays out the process very clearly and sets reasonable and realistic timelines. Rose takes feedback with an open heart and I can see she has a lot of passion in the arts. My Pom babies turned out beautifully and it is such a gift to be able to have them in framed artwork forever. Thank you, Rose!" Belle Boonroong 2019


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"Very impress! My family and I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you very much!" Edward Bradley 2018