Rose Hill Designs Rachien Smoothie Mural


Bringing people together through the love of our pets: the human and animal bond. Our pets can save us! Heal us!

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Prudence {Miniature Bull terrier}” Anna Webb BBC Broadcaster

Viewing Art has been proven to increase empathy, tolerance, and feelings of love.


The 8-metre long and 3-metre high mural. For the ‘Make Your Pet Famous’ exhibition in JAPAN in May 2019. Contains 7 individual artworks incorporated within the mural. Goes a step further involving the pet owners having a voice in the creative process. To be there every step of the way. Use me as a tool for you to create a unique piece of British Pop Art.

Rose Hill Designs Rachien Smoothie Mural
Rose Hill Designs Rachien Smoothie Mural

Some of the cats and dogs are rescue animals and have health issues. A few have died and the artwork is a tribute to them. A legacy for them to live on in a fun and playful way capturing fond memories. Photos can bring back painful memories and feelings of grief. This is a perfect way to channel grief and boost self-esteem and provide a sense of accomplishment. Celebrate your pet whether they are here or an angel. 

Art has the power to transport us to a different time and place and make us happy!

Rose Hill Designs Rachien Smoothie Mural

“She is so talented and hard worker towards her job! She never forget to smile even if she is on tight schedule.Her artwork make people so happy and I'm a one of them and I am a big fan of Rose Hill! Her exhibition held at Rachien Smoothie in Japan was successful and everyone there were filled with happiness, kindness and smile! She and I will never forget about the night! Not only her artworks but also her personality attract them a lot! She is the best!” Kyoko Hashimoto founder of Rachien Smoothie 2019

Rose brought together a community of dog and art lovers. When looking around the room all you could see were people smiling, laughing, strangers talking to each other and making friends. It was incredible to bring joy to so many people at these free events. And interviewed by a famous Japanese magazine




Rose Hill Designs Make Your Pet Famous M

The 15-metre long and 3-metre high mural is below. For the ‘Make Your Pet Famous’ exhibitions at the Old Diorama Art Centre. November 2018. Contains 15 individual artworks incorporated within the mural. 

Rose Hill Designs Make Your Pet Famous M

And humbled to receive comments such as:

 “You’re a role model for so many aspiring young women and artists.” Natalie Chung 2018


“I love this piece by Rose Hill Designs. In fact, I love all her work. It has real depth, it’s fun, and is a legacy to the beauty and mischievousness of us Pets. Thank you Rose for being so wonderful and talented. And Thank You for wishing to make us Pets Famous and for highlighting the beauty of the human-animal bond.” Sophie Bradley and Amber the Cav 2018

“Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for last night. It was a fab private view - great venue, great work on the walls, and great (furry) guests :) … once again, many thanks for the experience!”  Emma Stanford 2018

Old Diorama Make Your Pet Famous Event.j
Rose Hill Designs Make Your Pet Famous M



What an incredible 4th #MakeYourPetFamous event!! We had so many gorgeous visitors - some we know and lots of new friends!! Thank you so much to everyone that made it along. It was truly wonderful to have each and every one of you there!! Really appreciate you coming and supporting me!! 

0 Make Your Pet Famous Picknik Exhibitio

And was so honoured to have the V&A Museum Lates, it was incredible to have them there!!

The exhibition was a part of a larger show including another 17 artists in October 2019

There were Installations, Art Exhibitions, Live Murals (painted by myself and one other artist), Live electronic music performances, Food and a creative market of the artist's products.

V&A panel and Rose painting NEWSLETTER.j
Vistors Barney Chumples & Alfie at Pickn
Visitor Romeo at Picknik exhibition.jpg
Visitor Syndey at Picknik exhibition.jpg
Freddie at Picknik exhibition low

If you would like to watch a 50-second video of the 80 hours of painting please watch below. Can you spot the real-life cat watching?


Lions of Windsor 2019 is a colourful public art sculpture trail featuring over 60 individually decorated, life-sized lion sculptures displayed across the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead from August to October 2019.

all lions newsletter.jpg

All of the lions were auctioned off at the end of November 2019 with a whopping 100% of event profits being donated to local charities including the new Thames Hospice and The Lions Club of Windsor, which distributes the funds to local charities and good causes. And couldn't be more pleased to say Albert the lion sponsored by Cote Brasserie which was designed and painted by me was one of the most popular making the 3rd most amount of money after Dame Zandra Rhode. AMAZING!

The event marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria and celebrate Windsor as the home to Britain’s kings and queens for nearly 1,000 years.

Rose Hill Designs Lion of Windsor irish
Rose Hill Designs Lion of Windsor irish

It was an absolute honor to be asked to paint a lion by Lisa Todd and be a part of this amazing project!! It's all been so much fun!! Being picked to speak on the radio with Craig Wheatley on BBC Breakfast radio was brilliant! 

Rose Hill Designs Lion of Windsor RADIO
Albert Lion in shop window
Rose Hill Designs Rose painting lion of
Albert Lion when he got sold newsletter.



With 56 camera-ready canines and 3 feline friends, Aria teamed up with Rose Hill Designs for their first event of 2018. The collaboration brought together Pop Art style illustration and digital photography, whilst letting every pet’s personality shine with their very own pet portrait. Pets enjoyed a live photoshoot experience with complimentary photography in a custom-made photo booth, alongside made-to-order portraits created by Rose Hill Designs.


​Instagram star, Eroc the Skateboarding dawg, made a special appearance for the launch night. With a launch of an exclusive pet accessory collection designed and handmade in London by Rose Hill exclusively for Aria.

Rose Hill Designs Vinyl cropped low res.

"Whilst London was covered in heavy snowfall in freezing temperatures, things were heating up at Aria’s showroom. Skylar and I were in for a treat from the moment we arrived at #MakeYourPetFamous event. The event space was filled with vibrant and colourful illustration pieces by Rose Hill Designs of pet portraits. We treated ourselves to the complimentary photoshoot and indulged in some Prosecco (Pawsecco, in Skylar’s case..) which was generously provided by sponsors for the evening. We had a chance to meet the talented artist behind the illustrations, Rose. It is undeniable she is passionate about our pets and takes the time to understand the bond with their owners which is translated and beautifully captured in her art, providing each artwork its own unique identity to deliver a strong emotional connection."
Anne Lim and Skylar (Weimaraner dog)

Rose Hill Designs Aria exhibition low re
Newsletter Eroc at MYPF event Aria.jpg

"We really enjoyed coming along to the #makeyourpetfamous event in the hip home decor store Aria. This was the perfect place to showcase Rose’s fabulous and unique pet portraits and to meet some of the famous four-legged faces of those portraits as well as many other London dogs whom we know from social media. Look forward to seeing more familiar faces in the #makeyourpetfamous wall of fame"
@thedogvine Teresa and Belindha were rescued from the streets of Rio.

“We had considerable interest from both press and our customers whom we’re impressed by your amazing artwork, it really helped to sell the #MakeYourPetFamous event!”
Leanne PR & Marketing Manager of Aria

"It's been the best event since I've worked here" Joe Aria employee.

Rose Hill Designs on the Aria exhibtion

Aria sells Rose Hill Designs original and limited edition artwork and a variety of other merchandise including cards, stationery, stickers and pet accessories at: Barnsbury Hall, Barnsbury Street, N1 1PN

Rose HIll Designs Mr Big modeling bow ti
Rose Hill Designs Neckerchief 5 Eroc.jpg
Rose Hill Designs Neckerchief 2 Mr Big.j
7 Rose Hill Designs Bow tie 12 Eroc.jpg
Newsletter res Rose Hill Designs Rose Se
Rose Hill Designs Aria exhibtion with do

Collaboration with Finish popular brand Made of Sundays with our fun stickers.

Rose Hill Designs I Love Cats.jpg
Rose Hill Designs I Love Dogs.jpg
Rose Hill Designs I Love Cats and Dogs.j
Rose Hill Designs I Love Cats on laptop.