Rose Hill Designs MURAL 1 - Clean Prose

Painted two large wall murals for Clean Prose London's first co-working space designed specifically for writers. The murals are an integral part of the space. The above mural is on the branding wall in the event space and the other mural below is upon entrance to the building. Two trompe d’oeil artworks featuring bookshelves full of multi-coloured books. With added texture with the books not laying/ facing the same direction. Extra layers of interesting and inspiring items including plants (known to reduce stress, increase productivity and make workspaces more attractive), picture frames and vases. With an artwork extension of the mural displayed on an 86 inch TV screen to create a bigger scene.

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Rose Hill Designs bookcase MURAL - Clean

"Rose was fantastic, incredibly professional and is extremely talented! She completed the mural well ahead of schedule by working late nights. She was trustworthy, looked after the keys to the building, and was responsible when locking up. Throughout the painting, she treated the commission as her top priority. Rose kept me informed with each part of the process, and she went above and beyond by designing the mural to our exact specifications. She was adaptable when she surveyed the building site's specific requirements, and she updated the design accordingly. She was a dream to work with. Our bookcase mural at Clean Prose has been popular, and it receives compliments daily. I would highly recommend Rose! Thank you for all your hard work!" Sharon Fulton Founder of Clean Prose January 2020

Rose Hill Designs bookcase MURAL - Clean
Rose Hill Designs MURAL - Clean Prose bo


Rose Hill Designs Commerical spaces smal
Rose Hill Designs Commerical spaces smal





"It was so cool to hang out and see you work your wonders! It's looking incredible! Thank you so much for your hard work."


Jenny Thomas owner of Small Print books, 2018 

You can now own a stunning mural created especially for you. It starts with finding out all about you. What you love, what are your favourite colours, what do you want from the mural? Is it to make you happy? Make a design statement with your individually? Everything you send will be confidential email with photos of your space, measurements, deadline, budget and location. I will do everything to make sure you are 100% happy and create a wonderful talking point to share with your family, friends, and colleagues! 


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