Ian Marriott-Smith made an excellent video of everyone's progress and how the co-designed mural was created. The project began with a full-day workshop with 25 residents from the Guinness Partnership estate and was held at a local primary school. People of all different ages learned about colour and patterns. We collectively picked the colours voting on which ones to use. It took three days to de-mould and eight full days to paint.  Stoke Newington - London.  Funded by the Aspire Awards and paints donated from the wonderful Dulux.

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The progression of the mural on London Live.

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See Co-Creative Connection in the Islington and Hackney Gazette here:
Co-Creative Connection in the Islington Gazette
Co-Creative Connection in the Hackney Gazette

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Elena Lorenzo Guinness Partnership Estate resident said:

"Rose Hill is an amazing artist and I feel fortunate to have taken part in this project! The mural looks awesome! It brought colour and happiness to the otherwise dull and old walls! It was beautiful to see neighbours helping and children taking part in this project! Wish she could paint all the walls along the estate!


Kirsty Jones Guinness Partnership Estate resident said:

"While working on the project I met lots of neighbours whom I had never met before, the kids loved it and wanted to be involved. We had residents who admitted they don't engage with people actually come out to say they loved the mural. I think every wall needs Rose to bring colour and happiness to it."


Derek Mcvee Guinness Partnership Estate resident said:

"I live on the estate, what a beautiful piece of art to brighten up a dark, dull wall. So colourful and incredibly well done, it looks amazing and puts a smile on your face.


And not only that, Rose took the time to involve some of the young children from the estate to 'help' her, which they thoroughly enjoyed, and so giving it a real community feel and sense of ownership and achievement.


A very worthwhile and well done project in all sorts of ways, please can we have some more of Rose's artwork to brighten up our estate and involve the kids in community spirit."

Eddie Bradley Guinness Partnership Estate resident said:

“Rose just finished painting a mural on our estate and the end result is amazing! It really brightens up a dull area of the estate.

I attended a workshop with other residents, where we learnt about patterns and colours, which we used to help design the mural.

It was fantastic to be part of the whole project from start to finish, and it's been fantastic to see so many residents, young and old, actually helping out with the painting, it created a real buzz around the estate and I got to talk to so many neighbours who I have never spoken to in the 6 years I've lived here.


The one negative is that now the rest of the estate looks dull and dreary! hopefully she can get to brighten up the whole estate.”

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"The Mural has brought a sense of unity and belonging to the residents and staff at the Stamford Hill Estate. I feel honoured to be a part of the project and hope we can collaborate again in the near future. Thank You Rose"

Luke Dadzie
Customer Liaison Officer
Guinness Partnerships

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