Patterned Community Mural

With Guinness Partnership Residents and the Hackney Community

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Project Participant & Resident

"I met Rose for the first time and it was such a great pleasure to work with her. I’ve learned many new things I had no clue of, also would love to state considering it was the first time we met I felt very comfortable very welcoming atmosphere, and will hopefully be working with her again we all loved it. I would recommend anyone who really wants to learn she certainly is the expert."

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Guinness Resident

"I live on the estate, what a beautiful piece of art to brighten up a dark, dull wall. So colourful and incredibly well done, it looks amazing and puts a smile on your face.

And not only that, Rose took the time to involve some of the young children from the estate to 'help' her, which they thoroughly enjoyed, and so giving it a real community feel and sense of ownership and achievement.

A very worthwhile and well done project in all sorts of ways, please can we have some more of Rose's artwork to brighten up our estate and involve the kids in community spirit."

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Project Participant & Resident

"Rose is fantastic! She recently did a mural project on my estate which I helped paint. The positivity she has is contagious and made the project so much fun. While working on the project I met lots of neighbours whom I had never met before, the kids loved it and wanted to be involved. We had residents who admitted they don't engage with people actually come out to say they loved the mural. I think every wall needs Rose to bring colour and happiness to it. Thank you for all that you did.”

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Project Participant & Resident

"Rose Hill is an amazing artist and I feel fortunate to have taken part in this project! The mural looks awesome! It brought colour and happiness to the otherwise dull and old walls! It was beautiful to see neighbours helping and children taking part in this project! Wish she could paint all the walls along the estate! I had a look at Rose’s Instagram and all the other murals she painted look great too! Thank you Rose for your hard work and the positive energy you put into it!"

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Project Participant & Resident

"Rose has done a wonderful job from start to finish at the Stamford hill Guinness trust estate with the community mural. I volunteered with her for a day and had a nice day chatting as we painted the white walls that she had so meticulously cleaned from the dust and mold. The final product is like a facelift and the mural gives a positive and vibrant vibe to the community- the kids are attracted to play around it and it just cheers everyone up! I hope she gets a chance to do the rest of the wall though."

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Local Resident

"It's really colourful and loved that Rose worked so well with the community on designing and painting this wonderful mural. Rose worked really hard in spite of adverse weather conditions."

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Thank you!

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