Wherever you are in the world, I hope you, your family, and loved ones are all safe.  Sending you so much LOVE!

And because this has been such a strange time I wanted to bring you some joy and happiness to you and have thought of three ways to do that!

Firstly with a FREE PRINT to put into your window if you would like the high-resolution print to print at home please email me at The NHS is doing their bit if we stay home we will protect the NHS and save lives. It's been so lovely to see your prints in your windows already - here are some examples below.

stay safe at home FOR YOUR WINDOW newsle

Secondly with a FREE COLOURING PRINT! Was absolutely blown away with the response of everyone who wanted the free print! Hospitals, NHS staff, parents, fur-parents, non-parents, everyone! In speaking with a hospital staff member talking about the kids enjoying the print thought it would be fantastic if you could colour in your own print, so have created it in black and white so you can colour yourself!!  Please email me at and I can send you the high-resolution version to print at home. Absolutely thrilled to see what you have done and a complete joy to hear the children at Newham hospital loved colouring them!! See some examples below.

stay safe at home LOW RES FOR SOCIAL MED

Thirdly REALLY want to spread some joy and happiness in these uncertain times!! Do you know anyone that deserves some love?? An NHS staff member? A key worker? Someone alone? If you do let me know their address and what you would like to say to them and I will handwrite your note to them in one of my cards absolutely FREE! All you need to do is pay the postage £1 in the UK (if overseas TBC) and I will spend the time writing your message to them and post it to them for FREE. Of course, if you would like to pay for the card £3 I won't object #smallbusiness and all that, but the whole point is to spread LOVE and JOY and if I can bring that to you and your loved one in this time that would be incredible!! Kindness is key!! You're more than welcome to pass onto anyone who you think would like a FREE card!! I will batch them all together, I will pick the card (you can say if they prefer cats or dogs or if it's a thank you) and will send in one go. To avoid being out in the post office for too long. 

Spread some love & joy.jpg

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I keep thinking of how I can add even more value to you in these strange times and about the amazing Front Line Heroes and how much they're doing for us! So have created these FREE prints in colour or you can colour yourself to stick on your door so you can show how much you appreciate your postie, courier and delivery drivers absolutely FREE! Just reply to this email and can send you the high-resolution versions to you. Let's spread the love!

Thank you key workers - postie NEWSLETTE

And these FREE PRINTS to stick on your bins so you can show how much you appreciate your binmen/women and caretakers.

Thank you key workers binmen NEWSLETTER.

Also thought of another way to PAY IT FORWARD let's thank all the amazing key workers and let your loved ones know you are thinking of them! If you buy a greeting card only £3 and UK delivery £1 (overseas TBC) I will GIVE the receiver a card and I will pay the delivery myself so they can send a card to someone they love and/ or want to thank too completely FREE. It's so important to show people we love and care for them and what's better than getting a handwritten (I will do this especially for you) card letting someone know you care!! I'm sending my own cards to loved ones this weekend too! Just let me know what you want to say and give me their address and which card you would like to send. 

Rose Hill Designs Cards.jpg

And more value to you with a FREE STEP BY STEP for a rainbow mural! Thought being on lockdown you might be doing some DIY or would you like to have a very cool feature wall in your house? Brighten up your home! Check out Rose Hill Designs Instagram to see the time-lapse of Summer's special lockdown rainbow mural and step by step to do your own mural. And a follow would be lovely too.

While none of us know how the next few weeks/ months will unfold, I promise to do as much as I can for you!  Every day I'm thinking about how I can give you some more joy and happiness if you can think of ways that I can help you do let me know!! Do you like the idea of a virtual Make Your Pet Famous event? Would you come if I arranged it? It would be wonderful to see you and your gorgeous pet - bring our community together again!!

Please take really good care of yourself. And if at all possible please, stay home. It’s the *most* important thing we can do to take care of ourselves, each other, and the most vulnerable in our community.  Look at gorgeous Miss Darcy staying home with her FREE stay home print in her window. Too cute!!

Stay home poster with Darcy NEWSLETTER.j