Art to Treasure Forever!
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Art is an expression of you! Owning original artworks is a perfect way to express your individuality, interests and to show how special your pet is! It’s a lovely reminder of who we are and what is important to us.

Did you know before 'Rocky', Stallone was so poor he sold his dog for $25 to a stranger!!


Two weeks later; a boxing match between Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner gave him the idea to write 'Rocky'. He was paid $35,000 for the script and allowed to star in the movie.


Once paid, the first thing Stallone did was stand outside the store where he sold his dog. Hoping the stranger would come back, finally he did. Stallone offered the stranger $100 to buy back his dog but the stranger said no! Stallone then offered $500, $1000 and in the end Stallone paid $15,000 (from the $35,000). And gave the stranger a part in 'Rocky'.


You don’t need to pay $15,000, you can capture your pet's character. Everyone will fall in love with your pet with a stunning piece of art to hang proudly on your wall to treasure forever. What a fab talking point!

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"I am delighted with my artworks from Rose Hill Designs. They are truly unique and Rose really captured the personalities of my pets and turned them into eye-popping statement pieces. They look amazing. Rose is also such a fun, friendly and happy-spirited person - a joy to work with."                       

Liz Thomson 2018 Scotland

925 GBP 

"I love it!! This looks great!! Let me know next steps. It really looks like him!!"

Andrea Davidson-Wright 2018 Weybridge UK

505 GBP 

"I can't thank you enough for the fantastic commission of my boy Leo! I was overwhelmed when I received this on Christmas Day!! Thank you so much!!"

James Mawdsley 2017 Lancashire UK

365 GBP 

That is so sweet, I love how personal it all is. Yes, I’m very happy for you to print Monty, only trouble is... how on Earth am I going to resist until Fathers Day.

Chantelle Hall  2018 Southport UK

445 GBP 

"Absolutely gorgeous - I am so chuffed you wouldn't believe!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it!!! You are such a clever lady!!"

Tamasin Jarrett 2017 Folkstone UK

455 GBP

"Rose captured our Eroc perfectly Rose is super professional & has a special talent along with really caring for the animals she works with. Through Erocs skateboarding talents, we have met some pretty cool people & Rose is top of the tree! Thanks!"

Claire Maclean 2018 London              Instagram Star Eroc Skateboarding dog

325 GBP 





Rose responded very gently to orders from Japan. I’m pleased to have a wonderful treasure.

Ritsuko 2018 Japan

355 GBP 

It is a wonderful work, and a very cute artwork.I am a Japanese, so I can't speak English very well. But she was very polite and relieved. I also appreciate her loving my cat as much as I do.                   

Ikue Koike 2018 Japan

325 GBP 

This is for you if LOVE your pet more any anything! If you:

Want to captures memories in a playful and fun way so your pet can live forever!

Love colour, pattern and creating the mood for your environment.

Like starting conversations especially about your pet!

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