4 frames to choose from:
Flat Black, Flat White, brushed Silver and
Ornate Gold 
3 sizes to choose from:  
25cm x 25cm, 50cm x 50cm, 1m x 1m
As Seen in

Do you love you dog as much as Slyvester Stallone?

Before 'Rocky', Stallone was so poor he sold his dog for $25 to a stranger!!

Two weeks later he saw a boxing match between Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner that led Stallone to write the film 'Rocky'. The studio paid him $35,000 for the script and let him star in the movie.

The first thing Stallone did once he received the $35,000 was to stand by the liquor store where he sold his dog for three days hoping the stranger would come back. Finally he did, with Stallone's beloved dog. Stallone offered the stranger $100 to buy back his dog but the stranger said no! - he loved the dog! Stallone then offered $500 and $1000 for the dog he originally sold for $25 and again the stranger refused. In the end Stallone paid $15,000 (from the $35,000 he was paid) and gave the stranger a small part in the film 'Rocky' so he could get his dog back! 

No need for you to pay $15,000, you can capture your pet's spirit. Everyone will fall in love with your pet with a stunning piece of art to hang proudly on your wall to treasure forever. A talking point!


I love to hear all about your pet and really enjoy seeing as many photos as possible (ideally high res standing or sitting front view) This helps translate your pet's personality into a playful artwork. To capture them perfectly and make sure you are 100% happy! see reviews on trustpilot.

Because your pet is so important their likes and fun things they do are written on the back of their cards. It would be wonderful if you could help write their story on there card.

Prices and examples below:

2. Rose will illustrate your pet in her distinct Pop Art style.
1. Send 5-10 or more high resolution photos of your pet to: rose@rosehilldesigns.co.uk
3. You will receive a Limited Edition hand signed Artwork.
4. Rose will put your pet artwork in her next collection (for at least one season) of Gift cards and Notebooks shown at Trade shows. Any of Rose Hill Designs current or new stockists have the option to buy your pet on a card (Art, Happy Birthday and Christmas) or notebook including Harrods.
Flat Black or White Frame
Small Price £325
Medium  Price £445
Large Price £825
Flat Silver Frame
Small  Price £355
Medium  Price £495
Large Price £895
Ornate Gold Frame
Small Price £365
Medium Price £505
Large Price £925

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