Together with the local community and residents, The Sundial Community Centre and I will create a large, colourful mural that illustrates Tower Hamlets’ and Hackney's strong community spirit.

How we will do this?

Through a series of 6 FREE workshops, the community and local residents will learn new skills like drawing, painting, and pattern design, which will form the basis of the beautiful community mural which celebrates the character of the area, thereby rejuvenating it.

I've seen first-hand how these workshops create confidence, excitement, and connection – to our neighbours and the world around us! 

The community’s design will be professionally painted by me on the Sundial Community Centre’s (11 Shipton St, London E2 7RU) wall in Hackney and Tower Hamlets for everyone to enjoy!


When and Where


From Monday 21st of June 2021 at The Sundial Community Centre’s (11 Shipton St, London E2 7RU)

How can you get involved?

We would be so grateful if you could

1.  You can make a pledge here The exciting community-based mural project (however big or small) to make this project a reality. 

The money will pay for the project so it will be completely FREE for everyone that takes part, and for art supplies that participants can keep for future art activities.


If you would like to donate any art supplies for the workshops and painting of the mural please email 


2. Join the FREE workshops to help co-design and co-create this wonderful mural email  or sign up here Free Creative Workshops with Rose Hill Designs

3. Do this amazing project with your community please email  to discuss how we can work together.


I’ll create and professionally paint exciting, interactive, and inclusive mural designs for your walls doing this in a unique way that offers participants from the community a series of FREE community engagement workshops through which they will be engaged in developing the designs. 

The community and I will collaborate and co-create a more pleasant, welcoming, both calming, 
and stimulating environment, which the community will feel they own, which reflects their needs, and creates pride for years to come. It will invite conversations, become a focal point, and inspire community spirit, cleanliness, and inclusiveness.


The workshops will be designed to be stimulating, educational, and suitable for a diverse group of participants, catering to those with special needs. By teaching creative art activities (including drawing, painting, and pattern design) the workshops will build new creative skills that people can apply 
in the future whilst helping to create a stronger community spirit.

“ The workshop was perfectly balanced... As a teacher, Rose is encouraging, patient, and kind. Rose 
inspires you to be creative and helps and guides every single person through the workshop.” 

Josie Blanchard 2020

We are thrilled to say


Princess Anne is scheduled to open the mural once it’s finished as long as COVID and schedules still allow


The Mayor of London made a pledge of the full £5000 it's so fantastic that he and City Hall believe in the Sundial mural project as much as we do!! We’ve had generous donations from Capital Business Media, Murgitroyd Foundation, and London Catalyst as well as the community getting behind this amazing project.


The workshops will form the basis of the co-designed mural. Structured in a way that the community is learning lots of skills but allowing enough time to play and be creative. Being mindful of their capabilities and curating the workshops in a way that everyone will have their say be supported, valued, heard, and proud of what they’ve created.


It will represent the diversity of the culture and heritage of the community including customs, artistic expressions, colours, patterns, and values – remaining a visible daily reminder of their rich heritage for years to come.


The Sundial Community Centre and I have partnered with

• Daycare: residents with dementia

• Downright Excellent (DEx) a charity for children & young people with Down syndrome aged 0-17

• The oversubscribed art group of elderly residents

• LinkAge plus

• East London Cares – older & younger neighbours

• Columbia Road primary school


This wonderful community-based project has really resonated with everyone and there are exciting talks of more projects to come around London - watch this space!


If you would like to do this amazing project with your community please email  to discuss how we can work together.

I'm so excited to make this happen and look forward to working with our wonderful community!

Love Rose xx

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