Together with the local community and residents, The Sundial Community Centre and I will create a large, colourful mural that illustrates Tower Hamlets’ and Hackney's strong community spirit.

How we will do this?

Through a series of 12 FREE workshops, the community and local residents will learn new skills like drawing, painting, and pattern design, which will form the basis of the beautiful community mural which celebrates the character of the area, thereby rejuvenating it.

I've seen first-hand how these workshops create confidence, excitement, and connection – to our neighbours and the world around us! 

The community’s design will be professionally painted by me on the Sundial Community Centre’s (11 Shipton St, London E2 7RU) wall in Hackney and Tower Hamlets for everyone to enjoy!

You can see all about the exciting project here

The exciting community-based mural project

How can you get involved?

We would be so grateful if you could

1.  You can make a pledge (however big or small) to make this project a reality. 


2. Like and comment on the project link above to help make this fantastic project happen!

The money will pay for the project so it will be completely FREE for everyone that takes part, and for art supplies that participants can keep for future art activities.

And excited to say The Mayor of London made a pledge of the full £5000 it's so fantastic that he and City Hall believe in this project as much as we do!!


Princess Anne is scheduled to open the mural once it’s finished as long as COVID and schedules still allow.

You will need to sign up with only an email address and password, which should be nice and quick to do. 

I'm so excited to make this happen and look forward to working with our wonderful community!

Love Rose xx

Ian Marriott- Smith filmed and edited this wonderful video see more of his work on