Climate Change Community Mural

With Lewisham Homes Residents and Higgins Partnership

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Mural Volunteer

"Rose and I worked together on a mural for Sydenham Council which was a wonderful experience. She’s truly personable and a delight to be around. Her instructions are easy to follow and she’s a brilliant director, pushing those working with her hard without taking the fun out of it. Her creativity and positive outlook are very admirable and as a young woman just starting out in the scene it was so valuable to spend time with her and learn from her work ethic."

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Project Participant & Resident

"From someone who was very unsure and extremely anxious about participating in something I’ve never done before, I’m so glad I did. Rose was amazing, making you feel so at ease and comfortable in taking part every step of the way. From the moment I had that paintbrush in my hand, I felt so relaxed and my mind was taken away from the every day-to-day issues you would normally face. Those were my few hours, just for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, meeting new people and doing something I have never done or would ever think of being a part of. Looking at the finished Art Work, I feel so very proud knowing I was part of that.  My family is very proud knowing MUM was part of it.“

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Higgins Partnership Staff

“We are thrilled with the fantastic mural that members of the local community and Rose have created for our site at Mayow Road. It’s great to see the mural reflect everyone’s views on such an important topic as climate change. Seeing the enjoyment and pride that has come from this project shows how rewarding such community-based projects are.”

Head of Social Value

Higgins Partnership

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Co-Creative Connection Climate Change Co-Designed Mural - Lewisham Homes & Higgins with co


London Live Feature

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Mural Volunteer

"I loved every minute. I feel lucky to be part of something so special that involves and benefits so many of the local community."

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Project Participant & Resident

"It's Perfect!" Reuben

"I love the teamwork and getting to know other people from my community.


I enjoyed the painting because it was so calming and relaxing!"

Nicole Reuben's Mum

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Lewisham Homes Staff

“This project is an excellent example of the social value benefits that are being delivered on the Mayow Road project. In organising and running the workshops, designing and installing the mural, both Rose and Higgins Partnerships have demonstrated a commitment to community involvement and the benefit that it can bring to our residents. We are delighted with the final result, and that all those who participated found it enjoyable and empowering.”


Senior Development Manager at Lewisham Homes for the Mayow Road development

Thank you!

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