People ask: Why are you so passionate about art?


Art is everything and I really believe it can change the world!

Art has the ability to:

* Take you away, away from any issues you have, the politics’ of today, financial troubles you may be having! It has the power to transport us to a different time and place – how incredible is that?!


* Art is an expression of you! Owning original artworks is a perfect way to express your individuality and interests! It’s a lovely reminder of who we are and what is important to us.

* Make us happy or sad or any array of emotions! Viewing Art Increases Empathy, Tolerance, and Feelings of Love. Who wouldn’t want that?


*Captures memories either within the artwork itself or of the time and place you got it.

* Changes our environment, the colour and the image influences us and our environment. Colour can completely change your mood and the atmosphere of where we are.

* Start conversations.


* Supports our economy. When buying from an artist you become an important link within the artistic process! Each sale supports the creative community.

When did you become an artist and what inspired you?

The first piece of art I remember creating was a picture of an owl when I was 4 years old. I was super excited to win a competition with Cadbury’s!! The owl was exhibited in the National History Museum for a year!! My brother still says it was the best artwork I’ve done. How lovely of him!


'My kids rebelled they all got degrees, and you got a first at Chelsea',

according to my dad, a long haired Vegan hippie, it was clear from an early age that I was creative and going to do something about it. To me it was natural, I thought everyone was instinctively creative. I thank my Grandma who, in an age when women weren’t meant to work, became an incredible designer! She really wanted my mum to be the same but it was me who followed in her footsteps.

Andy Warhol REALLY inspires me, not only do I LOVE his work. The use of colour and pattern but how cool was Warhol’s life? One big party and creating art – it couldn’t get better!!

How would you describe the art you create?  

Pop Art. I trained as a textile designer at Chelsea University of the arts (1st Class Hons). Colour, pattern and illustration is a really important part of every piece. Roy Licenstein is a huge inspiration! I’m inspired by his dots in each artwork; I have many geometric patterns running through my work!

What is your ultimate dream or ambition as an artist?

Ahhh this is easy I want to an overnight success! You know the ones. That have worked really hard for over 10 years! Sacrificed going out, having more children, being super focus and “lucky”.


A dream would be to travel the world with my art!! To be a household name. And to inspire kids like me to become a famous artist, do what they love, to live the dream whilst working their bums off!

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